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What it's about:

After finally landing a stable, great paying job in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, Katie Victor’s world crumbles when her pastoral dream job morphs into a Salvador Dali landscape. She quickly discovers that her boss, the occasionally beautiful Felissa Sorbet, is actually a cutthroat schemer in four-inch heels with a history of abusing and destroying her assistants. Worse yet, after trying to switch law firms, Katie finds herself entrapped by Felissa’s successful efforts to sabotage her professionally. Pushed to the emotional breaking point, Katie’s personal life begins to disintegrate when death strikes suddenly and close to home. As her mind begins to teeter between her brutal reality and visions that the only way out is to murder Felissa, she is left with a dilemma, and a solution that will change her forever.

How to Kill a Lawyer is the story of Katie’s journey from the darkness of grief and revenge to the surprising strength that she finds inside her wounded self. It is The Devil Wears Prada seen through the glass doors of a John Grisham high rise.

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